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Welcome to the official website of Multi-enterprise SYNCO, polish producer of organic and energy-saving pre-insulated PEX pipes with trade name SYNCOPEX ®.

PEX (SYNCOPEX ®) pipelines and their applications.
SYNCOPEX is the ecological system of pre-insulated pipelines manufactured by its own patent P-189276 and P-335 118.

SYNCOPEX® pre-insulated pipelines are designed to achieve:

  • low parameters heating networks 95ºC – 6 bar
  • networks of usable hot water 70ºC – 10 bar
  • water supply networks 10 bar
  • technological networks in food industry and chemicals
  • technological networks for swimming pools

SYNCOPEX ® constructions

SYNCOPEX system consists of:

  • Wirsbo PEX inner working tube made of networked polyethylene
  • PEX insulating layer of foamed cross-linked polyethylene
  • the outer wall of corrugated polyethylene HDPE

SYNCOPEX ® system is manufactured in three standard models ie:

  • one transmission pipe which is insulated in one internally insulated corruated housing
  • two separately insulated transmission pipes in one internally insulated corrugated housing
  • four separately insulated transmission pipes in one internally insulated corrugated housing

rury preizolowane

In addition to standard production, the system SYNCOPEX can be manufactured for specific purposes such as drinking water pipes, compressed air pipes, extra series for power strings pipes and others ie:

  • three separately insulated transmission pipes in one internally insulated corrugated housing
  • five separately insulated transmission pipes in one internally insulated corrugated housing
  • seven separately insulated transmission pipes in one internally insulated corrugated housing

*The construction of non standard pipelines requires prior arrangements with the manufacturer.

Transmission Wire

The pipe which we are using is the best product of polyethylene, made in the Engel process in the cross-linked structure Wirsbo PEX and Goland PEX, is the key to obtain excellent physical properties of the tubes. Manufacturing Technology of mentioned wired pipes has a quality system which complies with ISO 9001, EN 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental certificate and meets the requirements of DIN 16892, DIN 16893 and DIN 2394.

Oxygen barrier
Wirsbo PEX pipes and PEX Golan are coated with EVOH particles which prevents penetration of oxygen to the installation and radiators.

Thermal properties
Insulation is made of foamed cross-linked polyethylene which allows to obtain much better heat insulation of pipelines than those specified in PN-85/B-02421. Thermal insulation is particularly effective in the construction of pipelines with 4 tubes in one housing. This type of pipeline reduces heat loss by about 50%. Heat losses are presented in technical materials developed by the Department of Thermal Physics Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw, which are stated in the design and installation instruction. Thermal insulation is resistant to absorption of water particles, aging and rotting.

Low coefficient of resistance

Very high smoothness of the working tube, and the structure of the material leads to a small loss of flow. Flow resistance of the heating medium are much smaller in comparison with pipes made of metal. Due to the perfect smoothness of Wirsbo PEX working pipe, there are not any observed incrustation process (deposition of minerals on the inner walls of pipes).

Advantages of SYNCOPEX ® system

SYNCOPEX is produced in diameters of working pipelines from 25 m/m to 125 m/m in length and 100 m on single roll. It is laid in shallow trenches while maintaining a minimum ground cover of 60 cm, with the possibility of an immediate bridge sections arranged without the need for leakage test.
A significant advantage of SYNCOPEX is a great flexibility of this system, which allows easy passing around obstacles in the ground or on land, without the use of knees and arches.
Due to the system of selfcomepnsational extension of lines there is no demand to use fix points and compensators.

Use approvals
SYNCOPEX system is manufactured in accordance to norm PN-EN 15632-1-3
System of SYNCOPEX in the result of approving procedure, which was carried out in the Central Research and Development of Technology in Warsaw, obtained Installation Technical Approval No. AT-15-8842/2012 and has the approval of the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene.

Persistence of SYNCOPEX ®
Full technical efficiency of the system SYNCOPEX is determined on a minimum of 50 years.

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